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Unread post June 26th, 2013, 1:37 pm
johnny Novice


On or about June 15th 2013 things began to get weird over at the CtC thread at FreedomWatch. New usernames of "johnthetaxist" and "Weston White" began posting. The #s attached to them were not the traditional #s of Weston's 19085348, nor johnthetaxist's 740270 that we've been using for years. That's easily verified by moving mouse over the blue username and viewing the lower status bar (an apparent oddity to allow multiple exact usernames).

From the language of these newly-registered users it's clear to me "jessejames" is authoring them, but judge for yourself. If so, this means he's engaged in a lengthy debate with ... HIMSELF! In light of the fact that jessejames is obviously the cabal's chief disinformationalist on the web (whom I believe to be Jay), I view this as a sign of desperation and signal of defeat for the banking cartel running this country. The PTB are in panic mode. Very encouraging! Thanks to all patriots who have brought us this close to our day of freedom!

Here's what I just wrote:
Jesse, why are you arguing with yourself? That is not Weston White & that's not Johnthetaxist. The real Weston is 19085348 and the real Johnthetaxist is 740270. Easily confirmed by mousing over the blue username and looking down at the status bar. All others are suspect and most likely created by you! WHY JAY? Do you miss us that much? Feeling lonely? Is that why you just created BillyTheKid? I'm touched, but really, talking to yourself is a sign of mental illness. Get help.

Hey Jay, I saw a new book out titled DISINFORMATION and figured you were the author. But no, it's a Russian ex-spy chief:
Techniques refined & actively used by our own govt. You could certainly write the American version of the same book.

Anyway, you seem to be in PANIC MODE now with you openly creating new users with our exact same names (an oddity of this site) to create a fake debate. I wonder if your editors at Forbes know they have such a deceptive con artist as a contributor? It does not speak well for FORBES!

It's obvious you badmouth Weston & I because of the dangerous truth we present. We took knowledge from Pete's CtC to overcome IRS oppression. We won. And you don't like it one little bit. Here's my person's SS Earnings Report:
And yes, I make plenty of lawful money:

Stand tall patriots! the banking cartel currently running this country is sinking. Thanks for all your help!

Unread post June 28th, 2013, 4:51 am
Weston White Lead Researcher

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Well those are some crazy posts! Does this mean I am officially famous now? Next, people will start saying that I am actually William Cooper and they are really me. lolol

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